Risotto Verde

‘Risotto’ has always been one of those words on a menu that catches my eye, much like ‘goat cheese’ and ‘house-made’. While visiting a friend in San Francisco, she made a tasty risotto and chicken dinner – so tasty, in fact, that I was sneaking heaping spoonfuls directly from the pan while she was in the other room. Risotto was what immediately came to mind when preparing my first meal, and luckily, I had a very fresh pot of vegetable stock to cook my risotto verde (green risotto).

For risotto verde (a recipe adapted from The Silver Spoon), you will need:

Be sure you thoroughly rinse and dry your spinach before chopping it. I’m a huge fan of playing with textures, but no one wants a sandy, gritty risotto. No one.

Recommended songs include “Come on Eileen”, “Vogue” and “I’m Gonna be 500 Miles”.Cooking with Cheese, Rule #1: There’s no such thing as ‘too much cheese’! Risotto can take on countless forms, so again – don’t be afraid to experiment! The original recipe called for a stalk of celery, but I personally cannot stand the taste of cooked celery. Mushrooms are a welcome addition, as is fennel (I really, really like fennel, if you couldn’t tell). Have fun!

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