Breakfast MacGyver

Driving through a snow storm is not how I envisioned spending the later half of last Saturday, but there we were, weaving around fallen branches and trudging along the highway. As if the uncharacteristically early snow wasn’t shocking enough, the power outage certainly was.

Sunday morning is usually a day of bread baking, eggs and fresh espresso. This Sunday there was no oven for fresh bread and no toaster oven for heating up older rolls. So, dressed in a full length down coat and Uggs, I took to the stove.

I had carefully considered all the things that could be made with only a gas-powered stove and it came down to crepes. It may sound silly, but even that took careful forethought. I usually dump all the ingredients into a bowl, stir a bit and then attack the mix with a hand blender. Without my usual crutch, I slowly mixed the eggs, milk and flour to ensure there were no flour clumps. Clump-free mix met prized Dehillerin crepe pan for beautiful crepe goodness.

And what’s with the foil in the panini pan? They say necessity is the mother of invention, and it certainly was in this case. I wanted to be able to heat up some of the rolls from my epi baguette, but didn’t want them to burn/dry up/take forever. I wrapped each piece individually in foil and put them on a hot pan. It may have taken longer than usual, but they were the perfect company for some hard-boiled eggs.

We still haven’t regained full power, but we do have running, hot water and were recently loaned a generator. I can’t turn on the oven and I use the lights sparingly, but at least there’s finally heat.  I’ve complained about sleeping in sweats and coming home to a dark house, but for billions worldwide, this is the norm. Count your blessings, kids.

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