New Amsterdam Market

There are so many things to love about New York City on the weekends – or any day of the week, for that matter. Time for another cappuccino. Nightcaps (okay, sometimes those happen on Thursdays, too). Lingering over the pastry basket at brunch. Strolling leisurely from here to there just because you can.

Weekends also mean outdoor food markets, and my new favorite is the New Amsterdam Market.  When I started jamming/pickling last fall, I read about a lot of small local artisans who were selling their goods at the New Amsterdam Market, not too far from my family’s apartment. I don’t live in Manhattan, so buying produce from the Union Square Greenmarket wasn’t really practical, but buying jars of jam and other goodies was a different story.

I suggest using the buddy system and going on an empty stomach. There are so many things to eat! You might be convinced that grilled cheese didn’t quite do it for you, so you’ll try the pancetta sandwich. Then, of course, you’ll want to balance it with something sweet.

Chef Marja Samson turning poffertjes

Luckily, there are Dutch pancakes to be had! Pancakes not your thing (blasphemy!)? How about a scoop from the Bent Spoon? These guys come weekly from Princeton and I’m grateful they do. I bought a pint of the Bourbon-Vanilla-Sea Salt-Caramel, and even though my auntie and I had already stuffed ourselves silly with pizza, we still managed to down half the container… when we weren’t jabbing at each other with spoons.

And oh, the bread. I could come here weekly just for the gorgeous miche from Orwasher Bakery. As a bread enthusiast, this is heaven. Crusty and complex, I could go on about it for days, and I have.

Much like Disney World, there’s something for everyone at the New Amsterdam Market – produce, meats, funghi, jarring kits, jams, pickles, cheeses…sometimes even live music!

Slappin' da bass during the Peck Slip Pickle Festival

My only wish is for a place at the market to buy that perfect Sunday cappuccino I crave any given day from Monday-Sunday. Blue Bottle Coffee does have a table, but they only offer drip coffee, and while that’s not really my preference,  I do hear it’s very good.

The vendors are incredibly friendly, easygoing, and hardly ever in a rush. Those who shop frequently and mindfully at local food markets know that getting acquainted with vendors often comes with added benefits. If I ever want to make mozzarella at home, I just have to call the guys at Bambino’s mid-week and they’ll set aside a container of curds. It’s that easy.

Everyone gets a different experience from food markets, whether it’s being introduced to new epicurean delights (Whipped honey? Yes, please!) or stocking up on locally foraged oyster mushrooms. For me, one of the best parts about shopping at the local market is sharing my finds with those who stayed home watching cartoons.

Layla chowing down on farm-fresh eggs

The New Amsterdam Market is located at the old Fulton Fish Market underneath the FDR Drive on South St b/w Beekman St and Peck Slip and operating 11am – 4pm on Sundays from spring to late fall.

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2 Responses to New Amsterdam Market

  1. elizwash says:

    Yay Bent Spoon! Yay Blue Bottle!

  2. Ronald Mark says:

    Sharing… Oh wonderful cause that gives me hope… Girl, you know what I like: everything, especially sweets. LYM

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