Happy Friday!

I will happily admit that I enjoy a bit of sweet with my savory. On my first trip to San Francisco, I harassed the bakers at Citizen Cake for the salted caramel macarons on three separate occasions over the span of one long weekend. I would like to say my tastes are adventurous, but it’s possible that salted caramel is where it all ends because, my friends, this is downright ridiculous.

I love Trader Joe’s – they supplied me with nearly 4 years worth of high school lunches. They used to sell chocolate covered pretzel bites filled with peanut butter, which is every bit as guilt-inducing as it sounds.  Still, not even a well-thought description like, “a salty, creamy, crunchy delight!” is going to sell me here, TJ.

Have a Happy Friday.

Edit: No sooner was this post published did Rebecca Minkoff’s Minkette blog post THIS. I honestly can’t decide which I think are more repulsive, these or jalapeño poppers.


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2 Responses to Happy Friday!

  1. elizwash says:

    So sporting of you to give SF a shoutout after my latest jab at NY! In return, I will have to give Eataly a mention sometime.

    • kitchensinkwriter says:

      I had that same thought as I wrote so kindly about SF, yet again. By the way, you can certainly do much better than the Batali/Bastianich behemoth!

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