La Colombe Torrefaction

One of the most indispensable bits of information any city inhabitant can possess at their fingertips is where to get a good cup of coffee. I’ll confess, once upon a time, I would quickly respond with – Oh, there’s a Starbucks just a block away!

Yes, I, too, am ashamed. I know better now!

I am sending you to La Colombe Torrefaction. They have several locations throughout Manhattan, one of which is a two minute walk from the apartment.

La Colombe focuses on one thing, and one thing only – coffee. As they should! The space is devoid of shelves laden with branded travel mugs and water bottles. They don’t have a brightly lit display of overpriced sandwiches and sickeningly sweet baked goods. The registers stand without CD collections. I’ll tell you one thing – none of these elements are missed.

No, La Colombe is wonderfully simple, devoid of all the fluff many of its contemporaries subscribe to. There isn’t even in a menu on the wall, and really, why do you need one? You know how you like your coffee and, if you don’t, now is the perfect time to start engaging your barista. Wondering how many shots a latte usually comes with? Ask! (two is the answer, fyi) There are a few baked goods available for purchase, but as they so clearly are not the main focus of this event, I couldn’t even pretend to tell you what they were.

Ok, one looked like a brioche, but that’s all I’ve got.

I recommend La Colombe Torrefaction wholeheartedly and for everything except their hot chocolates (it’s unsweetened, which I think is borderline blasphemous). As far as first world problems go, little can ruin the start/middle/end of an otherwise perfectly lovely day more than a crappy cappuccino. We all deserve better than that.

The ethical coffee artisans of La Colombe Torrefaction can be found at the following Manhattan locations: Church & Lispenard, Lafayette between 4th & Astor, and Lafayette between Prince & Jersey.

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