A Little Valentine’s Day

I am unapologetic about my feelings on Valentine’s Day. I don’t like it. I don’t bash it out loud or rips the heads of roses, but really, I just don’t care for this so-called holiday at all.

And before you go off saying, Oh, well that’s probably just because you don’t have a beau to share the day with, you grinch!, let me stop you right there.

Yes, that’s pretty much it, right down to the beau part.

My mother, God bless her, has always given us cards or little trinkets on Valentine’s Day. When we were younger, she would make us pancakes for breakfast, which was always a special treat, as there was never really enough time for pancakes before school. My cynical little heart (it’s not really all that cynical, to be honest) will enjoy February 14 one day, but for now… I don’t.

This, however, is Layla’s first Valentine’s Day at school, and as any American child can recall, this means coming to class with about 20-some odd valentines in your schoolbag.  But if you know my family, we don’t do anything the easy way. Layla is bringing Pollock inspired valentines, along with these special little love-heart treats.

If you add up how much raw cookie dough and sprinkles she ate, the kid probably had at least two cookies before they were even out of the oven. Of course, that didn’t stop me from making one just for her.

When I asked if she would be my Valentine, she said no. Mummy and Daddy were her valentines, and there just isn’t any room for me. Bummer.

To all the mothers, daughters, brothers, fathers and lovers out there – have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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