bumpy hump day

Sometimes it’s easy to see why Wednesday is referred to as “hump day”.

Traffic is a bitch. The oyster bar is slammed. So is the American place next door. The French spot has no seats open at the bar. When did Wednesday become the new Thursday? Note to self: In Manhattan, no night is sacred anymore.

Ten blocks and five avenues on an empty stomach was enough to wear me down, so I started the loop back to the bus station. That’s when I ran into an old friend.

Ai Fiori.

When my appetizer came out, I very consciously made a mental note. From now on, this is going to be my happy place….even if it is in midtown.


Crudo di Spigola - striped bass crudo, american sturgeon caviar, meyer lemon

I am not embarrassed to say I mopped up the leftover olive oil with my bread, or that I diligently picked up every single piece of caviar. Yes, even the ones that fell on the bar. Trust me, you would have too.


Corzetti - wild mushroom ragu, brown butter fonduta, sage

Did I happily eat the layers of pasta one by one as if it were un gâteau de crêpe? Why yes, yes I did. It’s amazing what brown butter sauce and mushrooms can do for a girl.

In my not-so-humble opinion, bonbons and a cappuccino are a great way to end a meal. It’s hard to feel remorse as you’re signing the check if you’re doing unspeakable things to a chocolate filled with gooey salted caramel.

Which is exactly what I was doing. It was enough to smooth out any bumps in my hump day.

Ai Fiori is in The Setai hotel, located on the corner of 37th St and 5th Ave, and can be reached by calling 1-212-613-8660.

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