sunday lunch v. sunday breakfast

Let’s be honest – if this was a UFC fight, breakfast wouldn’t have made it past the first 20 seconds of round 1.

After about 6+ hours in transit, and all of my breakfast budget spent on “My Week with Marilyn”, I was beyond famished and ready to tuck into some fish tacos before setting out my 3 hour drive east.

Like pizza in New York, having the best fish tacos is a source of pride in San Diego. A former classmate I’d met during my last stay in San Diego pointed me to the South Beach Bar and Grille, claiming their fish tacos were the best in the county. When you’ve spent the last two months craving tacos, you make a beeline for the best place in town.


I’m not much of a pale ale drinker (and definitely not an IPA fan), but this locally brewed Yellowtail Pale Ale was fantastic and definitely something I’ll be looking for at bars on the east coast.


Yes, yes, to the food! The Baja taco on the right is the shining glory of the South Beach Bar and Grille, a light piece of pollock fried and covered in salsa, crispy shredded red cabbage and white sauce. Even with all that piled on top, the pollock maintains its crunchy exterior. It’s a SoCal miracle! On the left is the grilled Mahi taco, also very good, but it had a hard time following the Baja.

Located a ten second stroll from the beach, South Beach Bar and Grille is at 5059 Newport Avenue in San Diego, CA and is cash only.


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One Response to sunday lunch v. sunday breakfast

  1. elizwash says:

    Already jealous. Coverage of Cucina will probably do me in.

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