notes from the road: burgers and beer

There aren’t many surprises when you’re having dinner at a place called Burgers and Beer.

Gender equality is probably the only reason this place isn’t called “Manville”. I don’t know how many tvs they have, but I’d guess at least 15 and swear that none of them were playing “Ugly Betty”. That’s what my hotel bar’s tv is for.

Burgers and Beer knows what you’re there for and isn’t about to waste your time. The cover of their menu lists twenty-nine burger options (29!). What, you came for appetizers? You silly. The beer selection is no joke, either, and the drafts are available in either 16 or 22 ounces. I chose the Seattle brewed Haywire Hefeweizen.


The burger is preceded by the condiment tray, stocked with everything you might want to bedazzle your burger with. I’m a big fan of those tiny hot peppers.


I opted for the Guacamole Burger and added bacon. Avocado makes it healthy, right? The patty comes in either 1/3 or 1/2 lb increments. This is one hell of a good burger. There are really no other descriptors for it – it’s a fantastic piece of meat. I prefer thinner cut fries but Yuma is a no frills kind of town, and this was a no frills kind of burger. That was all I wanted anyway.


Burgers and Beer is located at 320 W 20th St (just off 4th Ave) in Yuma, AZ.

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