julian, california

Someday you might find yourself on Route 78, heading west through the Anza Borrego Desert State Park. You’ll be on that two-laned road for miles upon miles, going stretches without seeing another soul. First it’s a straight shot through a dusty desert, then the road begins to curve gently.


Before you know it (and it really does happen that quickly) you’re hugging the side of the mountain and wondering if this really is part of a desert or were you perhaps transported to Ireland sometime between Helen Reddy and Stevie Wonder.


If you do find yourself on this incredibly scenic route, do yourself the favor of stopping in Julian for a slice of apple pie. A coworker in Yuma passed this tip to me, and I’m now I’m passing it on to you. Just pay attention, because you could drive through Julian and not even realize you were there. Then you would have to pull a u turn just past the horse farm, which is next to the volunteer fire company. Oh, I’m serious.


I had the Dutch apple pie à la mode. I like to show myself a good time.


It’s also some of the best apple pie I have ever had. Granted, I don’t eat much pie to begin with, but this was pretty spectacular. Served warm (as if there is any other way), the crust was crispy ad flaky. The crumb was moist. I think I heard angels singing.

Julian Pie Company can be found at 2225 Main Street in Julian, California, and also can be ordered online.

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