flat whites

Before we kick off another weekend, I want to share with you a great way to enjoy your coffee. Weekends are all about enjoying espresso in its many varying forms. I used to love lattes – not too bitter, a nice little companion to a good book. But the thing about lattes is that they are basically bowls of steamed milk with some espresso as an afterthought. It’s really just too much milk, and I can’t stomach more than one.

So, I moved to cappuccinos – less steamed milk, more espresso flavor. On any given weekend, I could have four or five of these with some good conversation or a stack of magazines or a pen and notebook.

But then a funny thing happened. Two weeks after Bon Appetit published “The New Way to Order Coffee: Flat and White”, my Auntie Paula, fresh off a trip to Australia, told me I had to try flat whites. That it’s her favorite way to have coffee. When Paula has something to say about food or drink, I tend to listen.

Flat whites are a single or double shot of espresso combined with the wet foam from the bottom of a pitcher of steamed milk. By not using the dry foam that is characteristic to the cappuccino, the flat white maintains a smooth texture.


And hot damn, is it amazing.

Luckily, flat whites are the speciality of a small coffeeshop close to the apartment called Laughing Man. I suppose now is a good a time as any to mention that Laughing Man is co-owned by everyone’s favorite Australian actor, Hugh Jackman. What would Hugh Jackman know about flat whites, you say? Simple – flat whites are a drink born in Oz.

But wait, there’s more! Laughing Man sells their coffee blends on-site and their teas are all loose-leaf, which really makes a world of a difference. Their products are fair trade and sourced to foster entrepreneurship, job growth and overall community health. Laughing Man also gives 100% of its profit back to charity, including several education initiatives.


How can you not like a company that operates under the motto “All Be Happy”?

Laughing Man is located at 184 Duane Street. The space is small, but you can enjoy your coffee in Duane Park on a sunny day.

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