happy friday!

Imagine this scene, if you will –

A gentleman sits comfortably in a leather armchair, chatting earnestly on the phone. You don’t know exactly what is the subject of the conservation, but his side sounds intriguing. “Yes, well, we’re expecting around 150 people… I think it would be great to have a scallops appetizer, something light and fresh.” You start thinking this is an event you would like to be invited to. You start imagining what sort of entrees would follow the scallops appetizer. Then you hear –

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!”

And there I am, throttling the vending machine, engaging in a colonoscopy, looking for the jugular because I’m rushing to a meeting, haven’t eaten all day and this


just happened.

I could try to explain it, but I think you’ll have more fun imaging how I landed myself in such a predicament.

Have a happy Friday.

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