I love postcards. I love sending them and especially love receiving them. In an age where it’s so much more convenient to send/receive an email, text or Facebook message, postcards show consideration and forethought. I have saved every single postcard I have ever received (I may have been a hoarder in a past life – or this one) and every once in a while, I go through them all and see where friends have gone. Ecuador. Australia. Greece. Ghana. Japan. Niagara Falls. Italy. Guatemala. Argentina.

Now and again, I send myself a postcard, the last being from the Eiffel Tower. Often, I buy a few of sites I’ve seen and couldn’t possibly capture in such a professional capacity. And museum postcards – those are the best.

Personally, I don’t think postcards need only come from travel.  I’ve sent them after trips to my favorite local museums, just because a painting or a short-armed dinosaur reminded me of someone. We all love receiving mail that doesn’t involve solicitations or demands for money – pay it forward and drop 98c to share that excitement with someone else.

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