happy friday!

I don’t really do much of the holiday candy shopping. When I do, it usually involves Peeps. Almost always involves Peeps.

It always involves Peeps.

This Easter, as I gleaned over the mess of leftover, on-sale holiday candy for treats to include in Layla’s first ever Easter egg hunt, I found these –

Butter Krak, you say? And just so I can be perfectly sure to stay on the legal side of all this excitement, is the phrase “Butter Krak” a registered trademark? Or is just “Krak”? Sarcastically inquiring minds want to know. Hell, I need to be careful the next time I decide to get creative with my spelling. Hear that Christina Tosi? You are not allowed to make “Krak Pie”. Sorry.

“Chocolate Covered Eggs” was the best descriptor the folks at Zitner’s could give me, so I guess that means it’s left to my imagination. Given my imagination, not wise.

Have a happy Friday.

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2 Responses to happy friday!

  1. elizwash says:

    You bought them, right?

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