happy friday!

I’ve got to be honest, I have no idea what lies underneath this lid.


But you have to give “them” points for, shall we say, cheeky marketing tactics. “f’real”. F’real what? Will it f’real go through that straw? Would I f’real regret buying this? (I’m sure we can collectively answer that one) I don’t think anything in that cup is real, per se. Ideas, anyone?

By the way, this girl is now in Buenos Aires, so expect limited posts for a bit… Except maybe one or two that say, Look Ma! I ate this and my pants still fit!

Have a happy Friday!

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2 Responses to happy friday!

  1. Johnny says:

    I’ve seen these self-serve milkshake machines at quick chek’s around here. Never seen anyone actually using them though.

    • kitchensinkwriter says:

      Stevens has one in their library, but I haven’t got up close and personal with it…yet. At this point, what has escaped self-serve machines? Excluding popcorn.

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