happy friday!

When I was younger, I could often be found standing by the refrigerator, guzzling orange juice by the glass. My dad would always scold me saying, If you’re thirsty, drink water! Silly man. Water is boring! Well, I’ve grown up since then.

Sort of.

I love water. Who doesn’t? Y’all should. But even now, I get a little bored sometimes and I want to kick it up a bit by indulging in seltzer water. I like it plain. I like it flavored with lemon. I like it flavored with lime. I like it flavored with Hendrick’s.

Just kidding. That’s tonic.

What I don’t understand, is this –

Is this all it takes to have a job in the food industry? Hm. I like candy canes. I like seltzer. Let’s combine the two! NO! Let’s not combine the two. And to the cinnamon flavored seltzer water trying to hide, I see you, and I’ve got one word for you. YUCK. Big Red gum is a challenge enough, who wants to drink liquefied, gaseous cinnamon? How can a company that puts forth two products like this consider themselves to be premium seltzer providers? Riddle me that.


Happy friday.

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