sunday breakfast

There are some Sundays when I just don’t know what I want for breakfast. Is it because my belly is full of soft shell crab, smoked beets and ricotta tiramisu?

Why yes. That’s exactly why.

But then I smell eggs frying. Fresh ful (pronounced “fool”) on the stove induces a Pavlovian response. Ful, an Egyptian breakfast staple, filling you up and fueling you for hours, consists of mashed fava beans, onions, parsley, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. Throw in some tomatoes and maybe some other goodies and it’s delicious on toast. Or with a yolk running through it.

Or spooned directly from a bowl… with a spoon. Or your fingers.

You would think with all of this, it would be gluttonous to have anything else, like, say, leftover mushroom pizza.


And you’re right. It totally was.

I hope you’re all out and enjoying this beautiful Sunday.

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