happy friday!

I love a good advertising run, really I do. Something that’s interactive, makes you think, takes a different approach. The jargon may be all wrong, but I’m sure you’re following. I appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes into a marketing campaign.

So when I saw this –


I stopped for a closer look. I wasn’t the only one – little kids were doubling back, abandoning parents and clawing at the glass. Sounds like me with my helado.

But here’s the thing. Why slap a tagline like, How sweet are your ideas? over a piece of glass, and then fill the glass with MINTS. Mints are not sweet. Mints are minty. Groundbreaking, I know. These little red-white swirled suckers are what you have after a particularly garlicky meal or as a mid-day refresher or what you sneak before you go in for that kiss.

If you’re going to taunt NYC’s kids with unattainable candy, at least do it right. Better luck next time, HGTV.

Have a happy Friday.

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One Response to happy friday!

  1. elizwash says:

    Ew, those are such loser mints. At least make them Altoids.

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