happy friday!

Once upon a time (several years ago) I took my first transatlantic flight in first class. It was January, and I had redeemed a great deal of my Delta miles to fly to Sweden. I would see Gergiev conduct the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. I would fall in love with Stockholm. I would eat an unholy amount of truffles at Matbaren not once, but three times. I would go to Kiruna to see the Northern Lights.

Enough poetics, I had to get there first.

There’s no point in going through all the luxuries of the first class cabin, but in-flight dining is a completely different experience. You’re not Oliver Twist and this most definitely isn’t Kansas. There’s a menu for food AND beverage. The cutlery is real. Drinks are served in actual glassware. The 1% have it good.

Obviously, I can’t afford these luxuries often. When I boarded my 9+ hour flight to JFK from Buenos Aires, I prayed for a miracle. Naturally, the ancient gods of travel were not on my side, and I settled into my seat in coach.

And this was my meal.


Airplane food in economy is a joke – always oversalted and overcooked. I never touch my salad and opt for the vegetarian option, if possible. The less risks taken, the better. Not even a four-year-old would except that piece of “cake” as a dessert bribe, and why should they? It’s a sad state affairs, what comes in these plastic trays, meals for the sake of fulfilling some sort of travel standard. For the nearly criminal prices of airfare, you would think the average traveler could be afforded a respectable meal.

I love traveling by plane, no matter what I’m served on board and what charges an airline might attempt to sneak by me. Otherwise, I’d never get to places like this.


I hope you’re all having a very happy Friday.

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