sunday breakfast

One of my favorite parts about staying at a beach resort is the breakfast buffet. I don’t have to decide if I’m feeling like sweet or savory – I can have it all! Which is exactly what I do. A little bit of yogurt, then some eggs, maybe some pancakes, a piece of bacon, and I suppose a fruit smoothie would be a good way to go.

What I didn’t love was a week with shit tea.

First world problems, I know.

Anyone who drinks looseleaf tea will agree there is a drastic difference in taste between the leaves and teabags. It’s hard to go back to those satchels, I’ll tell you that much. No matter what methods I would try – varying times of immersion, adding less sugar, stirring in less milk – it just wasn’t the same as my cup at home. Paula’s mum tells a story of her visit to a tea shop in Sri Lanka where the shopkeeper told her the leaves on the floor were swept up and stuffed in teabags.

So there’s that.

What I’m getting at is that this morning was all about the tea. Hopping up and down around the teapot anxiously, you might have thought this was a variation of the peepee dance.

There was pan-fried turkey, havarti and pita bread…


…pancakes (and would you just look at those crisped edges? Maple syrup soggy in the middle, a little bite at the ends)


…and, tea. Of course.


On a Sunday morning, there’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea.

I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday.

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2 Responses to sunday breakfast

  1. elizwash says:

    When is there NOT pan-fried turkey? But perfect pancakes indeed. That crispy edge is so key.

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