happy friday!


I’ve been contemplating this photo of Papillon Restaurant’s (Aruba) dinner menu for a while now* and I still don’t get it.

Is it pig? Is it duck? Is it a duckig, long lost bastard cousin of the turducken?

Duck ham, it turns out, is not unlike its porcine brethren in that it is a cured (and then, on occasion, smoked) cut of meat. The duck breast is scored, buried in kosher salt and stored in a cool, clean place. After a minimum of two days, the duck breast is rinsed, dried, very thinly sliced and happily consumed. Or, if you’re of the patient stock, you can wait a bit longer and smoke the duck breast. Your call.

But while your duck breast is curing, play the “Let’s Ponder This” game with me. Overlooking the fact that ham is, more often than not, pork, it is a cut of meat from the thigh of an animal’s hind leg.

Leg. Not breast. Leg.

Am I picking here? Don’t answer that. But there has to be a better way of referring to this dish than “ham of duck breast”. May I humbly suggest duck breast carpaccio? Or a variation thereof that doesn’t suggest conflicting cuts of meat?

Anyway. Have a happy Friday.

*no, not really

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