dessert – rafele ristorante

Not long after hitting the publish button on my review of Rafele’s, I realized something was missing. It wasn’t the wine (which was so amazing). It wasn’t a cleanliness report of the bathroom (that’s Marilyn Hagerty thing).

No, I couldn’t walk away letting you think I don’t eat dessert!

Oftentimes, I like to peruse the dessert menu ahead of time, just to see if there’s something I want to save a bit of room for. Call it a battle tactic, if you like. I have a friend who would rather skip the steak it means he can have another piece of cake. The sweet of teeth are not to be messed with.

So here we have it – dessert.

ricotta cheesecake


The ricotta cheesecake is so light, I guarantee you will still have room for it, no matter how much of the arinci you squirreled away into your mouth.

chocolate torta


Who doesn’t love a chocolate torta? Come on, hands up, everybody.

panna cotta


Panna cotta isn’t usually my first choice for dessert, but here, topped with a raspberry coulis, it was sublime.

What are you waiting for? Andate! Mangiate!

Did you miss out on my first take on Rafele Ristorante? Wipe away those tears and mosey on over here.

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