sunday breakfast

Boys and girls, it’s been a while since my last Sunday breakfast at home. At home-home. Two weeks may seem like nothing, but even I come to miss the comforts of my own kitchen, of knowing which knife cuts what, which pan is where and what I can squeeze out of the work space and onto the table.

This Sunday, it was pancakes. There’s something about pancakes that says home to me.


These guys, however, are completely vegan. No milk or eggs in the batter and grapeseed oil, not butter, in the pan. I used maple sugar brought home from a trip to Montreal. I would like to find a way to tweak this recipe, though. I loved how thin they came out, but I think maybe a hotter pan would get a better crisp around the edges.

On my Saturday in Berlin, I stumbled upon a market in Prenzauler Berg, a neighborhood that had me falling in love with the city. More on that later. After a bit of perusing, I stopped by a table selling jam. I’m a sucker for homemade jam, especially after spending a great deal of last summer peaking into large pots of simmering fruit. The duo at this stall were very friendly in translating their German labels for me, although I would have been very happy to simply settle for one jar of yum and two of ooh, that’s really good.

In this case, the yum is a jar of gooseberry and lemon mint jam. Gooseberries are very much in season in Germany, selling at corner groceries in their small baskets, wrapped in their papery calices. I had a handful at lunch my first afternoon in Berlin. I’d like to have a handful at breakfast tomorrow morning.

I hope you all had a lovely, and cool, Sunday.

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