happy friday!

As some of you may have realized, I was in Europe for the later part of the Euro Cup. The way Germany was playing, I assumed I had set myself up for a kick ass party on July 1st. July 2nd had been set aside as recovery. I was feeling rather pleased with myself.

Then the Italians came and that was that.

But before all that happened, I was in the local grocery, Kaiser’s, looking for a snack…maybe even an avocado. Lofty dreams, I know, but I was craving one. And as my friend Elizabeth will tell you, it’s rare that I ever crave something green.

Visiting groceries and markets has become a favorite pastime while overseas. You can learn a lot about a culture, as well as see what sort of goods are local that we have to shell out small mortgages for at Dean & Deluca.

Naturally, I expected to find packaged products tagged with German football pride. Even Nutella was in a festive mood.


What I didn’t expect to see was this –


Halftime eggs? You’re joking. I thought these were eggs from some foreign and exotic bird that was perhaps eaten raw over an ostrich tartare. And naturally you could pick up a pack at the end of aisle 3 in Kaiser’s.

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