sunday breakfast

Sunday is traditionally/biblically known as a day of rest, but it is also a day of habit. A day for brunch, a day for Church, a day for waking up when the almost-five-year-old says you’ll wake up.

As you can guess, my Sunday started with the third in this trio. This is where all habits ceased.

I have been making pancakes a lot recently. It’s like comfort food, on a breakfast level. There’s no sense in making them every week if I’m not going to improve, so this Sunday, I tried something a little different. I beat my egg whites. I know it sounds like a surefire way to complicate a simple breakfast dish but bear with me for a moment. Beaten egg whites are used in some of the most technically precise baking recipes to ensure a characteristic light and fluffy texture, most famously in soufles. After stirring in all the other wet ingredients, I folded in the beaten egg white… and then added some more milk just for good measure and because I could. And because I wanted to. And because the mix needed it.

I think they turned out pretty well.

Later, I joined Serve Forward, my Church’s local service community group for an afternoon with God’s Love We Deliver. For the past 25 years, GLWD has been preparing and delivering meals to those who are too ill to shop or cook for themselves, making sure to tailor meals based on individual dietary restrictions. They deliver to the 5 boroughs, as well as Hudson and Newark Counties in New Jersey. This organization is an embodiment of love through food. As someone who strongly believes that all food should be made with love, of course I was happy to spend an afternoon with GLWD.

Which is how I found myself chopping onions for 2 hours in a West Village basement kitchen. Oh, it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. It might seem menial if you don’t keep the bigger picture in mind, but isn’t the point? We are all part of something great, so we may as well contribute to it.

It’s okay, I rolled my eyes, too.

I was able to spend a few hours of my afternoon with some fantastic people, learn that I really need to work on my knife skills, see just how well I can pull off the lunch lady look and, best of all, help prep one of the 4,000 meals GLWD delivers daily. I highly encourage anyone with a few hours to spare and a desire to put some good juju into the world to volunteer with them.

Not long after, I hurried past the horrific Holland Tunnel traffic and meandered through TriBeCa. By “meandered”, I mean I crossed on Reade and not Duane, crazy adventurer that I am. Instead of stopping in Laughing Man or La Colombe Torrefaction, I went to Kaffe 1668. A friend recommended Kaffe 1668 to me ages ago and, well, obviously I wasn’t great at taking recommendations. Lesson learned, I swear! This place has the potential to become a new favorite spot. First off, the decor – slightly industrial, sure, but there’s a long wooden communal table in the front, smaller tables in the back and more seating downstairs. The space isn’t subjected to the same harsh lighting as certain chains. There’s free WiFi. The coffee is all direct trade (roasters source directly from farmers) and the dairy is local (upstate NY). Most importantly, they serve Australian iced.

What is an Australian iced? There’s a lot about coffee and the many ways it can be served that I’m still learning. There are no stupid questions here, kids, but let’s take a step back for a second. An affogato is a shot of espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or gelato). Sounds pretty good, right? Take that affogato, add ice and you’ve got an Australian iced – an ice cold cup of AMAZING. It’s like a grown up version of a milkshake. Espresso, ice cream – add a cheese platter and I’ve found nirvana on Greenwich Ave.

Aussie Nicole is a bit new, too. Sort of.

I hope you all had wonderful Sundays.

Kaffe 1668 is located on Greenwich Ave between Warren and Murray.

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