happy friday!

It’s come to my attention that simplicity is being underappreciated.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve shown you crazy adaptions of seltzer, infuriating alterations to popcorn and a nonsensical chocolate straw. As we continue into summer, it seems as though the snacks being targeted have changed.

I love s’mores. When I was younger, these sticky treats were the only reason I wanted a fireplace. Turns out, marshmallows toasted on a gas stove have a funny aftertaste. I felt like a child genius when I discovered I could create a marshmallow-chocolate spread by nuking a bowl of the two. This may have been during high school.

The point is, I love s’mores and while I was always exploring different ways to make them, the ingredients remained the same. S’mores are a campfire treat, a snack born of simple times and desires. And what they don’t need


are chocolate mint marshmallows.

I understand that chocolate mint is a winning combination. Andes, After Eights…and I am a huge fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Easily one of my favorites in Baskin-Robbins original 31 flavors. Where this combination has no business mucking about is in my s’more. Would Davy Crockett have added sprigs of mint to his s’more? No. Venison jerky, maybe, but that’s because Crockett was a badass.

I will leave you with this parting clip from the 90s hit film Sandlot, where no chocolate mint mallows were used.

Have a happy Friday.

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