sunday breakfast

Look. I’m not proud of every decision I’ve made. “One more drink.” “Just another slice.” “I’ll stop watching Gossip Girl this season, seriously.” You get the idea.

This was a pretty big Sunday. If you’ve been with me for a while, you might remember Dena. She got engaged, and then she brought us donuts.

I love the way this friendship works.

This Sunday, my beautiful friends Dena and Marko celebrated their wedding. It was a wonderful afternoon in Manhattan, the rain was short-lived and the sun beamed on Battery Park. Even a flower girl and two ring bearers transformed into their fabulous superhero selves.

With a hectic morning involved, breakfast fell to the wayside and by noon, I was famished. Two cups of tea and coconut water were doing their best to fight the good fight,  but let’s be honest – the odds were against them from the start. So, in between mascara and eye shadow, I devoured a cup of noodles.

Was it an MSG-filled, totally processed styrofoam cup of noodles? Of course. Was it absolutely delicious? You bet your ass it was.

I hope you all had great weekends, that you told the people you cherish most that you love their guts and that you celebrated something, like a Sunday breakfast.

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