happy friday!

When Hurricane Irene came strolling into town last August, I found myself with a bit of extra time in Stockholm. And by “a bit”, I mean the better half of a week.

There always seems to be a delay when I’m leaving Arlanda Airport, be it airline or weather related. Universe, if you’re trying to tell me something, I’m going to need it in writing. Pen, preferably…or a locked PDF.

Anyway, having just come from Paris with my beautiful new Dehillerin cookware, I decided to make pancakes. I was off to the local ICA with my short list of groceries (eggs, butter, milk, flour, sugar), a trip that should have taken 20 minutes at best, if one accounts for grazing in the candy aisle.

It took me nearly an hour.

The eggs were an easy pick-up, as was the sugar, once I accepted the smallest package was  enough sugar to make pancakes for Cuba. Milk was pretty smooth sailing. Butter stumped me for a few minutes while I looked up the word for salt, and then avoided it.

It was the flour that bested me.

What the hell is that matter with you?  you may be thinking. It’s only flour! Don’t get fancy with that whole wheat or organic shit, just pick up the all-purpose flour and let’s start banging out some pancakes!

If only it had been that easy. You see, this –

is what I was dealing with. Not feeling like such a tough guy now, are ya.

You would think the pictures on some of these bags would have helped, and they did, to an extent. And even though I’m not fluent in Swedish, I was able to quickly decide that kornmjöl was not what my pancakes needed. But what about everything else? In the states, we are happy to toss the same type of flour into all of our recipes, cupcakes, breads, pancakes, whatever. Here, there was a specific type of flour for focaccia and ciabatta. Where was my special pancake flour?!

I finally asked one of the people who worked at ICA, and naturally, I picked the boy who had probably never even turned on a stove in his life. “Excuse me, but which is best for pancakes?” was probably not a question he expected as he dressed for work that morning.

In the end, I made my pancakes and if you’re looking for a completely unbiased opinion, I think they came out great. I’m fairly confident I only made a small mess and I’m pretty sure I was working with a borrowed fish spatula. But! They were made with love, and a laugh, and I think that’s all that matters.

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday, a fantastic weekend, and get to enjoy all the pancakes your hearts desire.

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