notes from the road: the barn

While traveling in Berlin, I had the incredible fortune of carrying with me a travel guide expertly crafted by my friend/jewelry designer, Mikkel. Before leaving the States, we had a cup of La Colombe coffee and discussed my upcoming European sojourn. When I expressed concerns about staying an entire week in Berlin, Mikkel said it was perfect, I would never run out of things to do. And, thanks to his list, that was an assurance kept.

The Barn, a small cafe in Mitte, is known for its breads and sandwiches. I’ll admit, I got lost the first time I went searching for it. The Barn, despite its name, is very inconspicuous – there are benches and stools on the sidewalk and a few tables inside. As this was to be my last meal in Berlin, and therefore the last time I ate before sentencing myself to airport quality/priced food, I decided to treat myself.

There was a rosemary turkey sandwich on freshly baked sourdough.

A bright (not, not just in color) ginger-carrot-apple juice.

A cappuccino, naturally. It was Wednesday after all.

A warm, flaky and absolutely delicious pastry to top it all off. Who needs candied cherries on top of ice cream sundaes when you can have this beauty?

There was a constant flow of customers throughout the morning, and service was expedient yet friendly. I would return, and regularly, whenever I find myself in Berlin again.

The Barn can be found (and should be, often) at Auguststraße 58 in Berlin Mitte.

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