happy friday!

Man, do I love Target. You walk in, determined to just buy pens…and then you run out carrying bags of bounty in your arms. It happens, most especially to me. Make fun of this megastore all you want, but I love it.

With the back to school season coming to a close, Target’s dedicated seasonal section looks like a disaster area. Highlighters and mechanical pencil everywhere, only the Justin Bieber binders are left, save yourselves! Me, I was just looking for a quad notebook, nothing fancy, preferably without some teeny bopper face slapped on the front.

The option I wasn’t expecting


….was this.

I passed a few stacks of these, trying to wrap my mind around the image first. Were they strange, mounted pearls? Was this the worlds ugliest ring? Is this what they think all the single ladies want? If so, I’d like to have a few words with the resident jeweler, please and thank you.

No, these are bobbled head nuns.

As a product of the Catholic school system, I have to wonder how Sister Helen would have responded if I brought this notebook to class. “Violently” is the term that comes to mind. Seriously, who thought this bit of art was a clever idea?

Have a happy Friday, kids. Be sure to enjoy some barbecue.

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One Response to happy friday!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hahahahaha WHAT!? Seriously though, who thought of this?


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