notes from the road: jugería san augustín

This is the sorry of how I ate the best turkey sandwich – ever.

(with all due respect to my Auntie Paula, a self-proclaimed, yet justifiably, sandwich-making queen)

On Friday, my family ventured into the Plaza de Armas in Trujillo, Peru for a bit of sightseeing and walking about. You know, the old stretch-of-the-legs, take-family-pictures-in-old-important-places dance.


Of course, souvenier shopping will leave your stomach grumbling, and most likely at an audible pitch. Not like that happens to me, of course. We beelined (as much as lunchtime traffic allows for it) to Jugería San Augustín, a juice/sandwich shop my uncles insisted is the home of the best turkey sandwich. Food superlatives demand personal inspection.

The shop front is unassuming and the space is tiny. There are only four barstools outside, and no seats inside. This is a standing room only show, but no one seems to mind. A few cars pulled up outside and one of the jugería’s employees rushed out to take their order. How’s that for a modified drive-thru?

Working in tiny confines means space efficiency. This is where the magic was happening. As orders came in, turkey juice was added to the already shred turkey and buns were sliced and toasted. The sandwich production moves at top speed – there are many hungry tummies to fill.

Here is the final product –

Now don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this sandwich. This baby packs a punch. Not one of us really took the time to dissect this modern marvel of culinary simplicity, but I’d guess there was some shred lettuce, sliced red onions and, the star of the show, shred turkey. It was juicy and spicy. I want to know how these ladies are cooking their turkeys, because that’s the approach I’m taking this November.

This sandwich is guaranteed to leave you parched, so be sure to wash it down with a jugo combinado. I can’t tell you what fruits are in this cup, so don’t ask – the combinado is a shop secret. I can tell you it was balanced and fresh and got two thumbs up from our resident juicemaker, my Dad.

If you ever find yourself in Trujillo, please, please, be sure to stop by Jugería San Augustín, and, if you are in the company of five other people, do yourself the favor of ordering more than one sandwich for the group. It was true love and a slight sense of public decorum that stopped us from biting off each other’s fingers.

Jugería San Augustín can be found just outside of the Plaza de Armas in Trujillo, Peru at Bolivar 552. The jugo will set you back 3 soles and the sandwich 7 soles – that’s less than $5. So go on, buy that plane ticket, grab your passport, get comfortable for the next 7 hours, and know the world’s best turkey sandwich (as far as I know) is waiting for you on the other side.

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