loving where you lie

Hotel life gets a bit lonely at times.

I’m not really complaining, just stating the facts. Sometimes you get lucky and stay in lovely boutique rooms with lots of natural light and wood furnishings and a bed that swallows you whole. Those are the best.


Other times you stay in rooms that even smell corporate. The colors are all in the same ugly brown scheme. The artwork on the walls looks like it was purcahsed in bulk from Sky Mall magazine. It probably was. The shower is just large enough for an invisble hula hoop competition – for one.

Even hotel rooms need a little love.

Wherever I go, for however long I am there, I have to unpack my suitcase completely. I don’t love the feeling of living out of a bag. Sometimes I like to bring a scented candle – it softens the stale air and makes even the largest rooms feel cozier. Sometimes just putting my own bottles in that tiny shower is all I need to feel at home.



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