happy friday!

Without sounding like a completely pretentious nerd who has many leather bound books and an apartment smelling of rich mahogany, I’d like to state the following – I am an ambitious reader.

What I mean is this – I’ve always bought books faster than I could read them. It’s not a good thing, I’ll admit that, but sometimes I can’t help myself. I’ve got 3 books queued up in Kindle, and another in iBooks. I just want to keep reading and there are so many stories to follow. It takes me a while to get through any one story, but I do my best. I like a change of pace, something different every now and again.

This used to lead to pretty heavy carry-on bags during vacations – 2 or 3 books, 5 magazines – and overstuffed pockets in the seat in front of me. While the iPad definitely helps, there is still that solid 45 minutes per flight when you’re not allowed to do anything but twiddle your thumbs and stare out the window.

Or, in my case, you finally succumb to the allure of Sky Mall magazine. I have to tell you, there are some incredible treasures to be found in there.

Hosting a dinner party? Don’t be silly trying to impress your friends with your gorgeous Bordeaux glasses or stunning crystal decanters. Treat them to these “exquisite products”. And hey, easy clean up – they’re dishwasher safe!

I can’t pretend to understand the first thing about hair loss, other than it drives people to spending heaps of money on various forms of restorative treatments. No need to go to a doctor, says Sky Mall, just buy this Star Trek headpiece and feel those hair follicles fill out while watching a brand new season of Gossip Girl. Judgement-free zone here, friends.

SkyRest, what words could I possibly summon to describe how fantastic you are? Ten years in production and I cry thinking of how many flights I’ve taken without ever witnessing your true power. Why have I never seen passengers strolling through the terminals of CDG, Louis Vuitton on the crook of one arm, SkyRest under the other? Imagine how comfortable you could be sipping a bottle of wine through a straw, head resting on your brand new SkyRest, making idle conversation with your seatmate. Imagine if you both had SkyRests!

And you can believe there are more goodies where this came from. Have a happy Friday, kids.

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