Let’s talk hair.

Not to be overwhelmingly subjective, but curly coiffed girls have it tough. Our good hair days have to be carefully planned. Curls have a mind of their own, and they never play fair. I don’t mean to leave my straight-haired ladies on the wayside, but seriously – you guys have no idea.

As an undergraduate, I often treated myself to a blowout when my schedule was looking particularly stressful. I was having a hard enough time with quantum physics as it is, I didn’t need the additional trouble of maintaining my ‘do. The only thing worse than spending an afternoon with quarks is spending an afternoon with quarks looking like Mufasa.

This is how I found Blackstones.

I was making the rounds of East Village salons, trying to find the best blowout on a budget. Sometimes I didn’t love the finished look, or I just didn’t feeling taking a six block walk. A girl reserves the right to be picky about who handles her hair.

I must have passed by Blackstones countless times before finally deciding to walk in.

The shopfront is neatly tucked into the north side of 7th street – odds are you’ll still be talking about McSorley’s when you rush right by it.

As a walk-in, I lucked out sitting in Lexi’s chair. What started as a conversation about tattoos turned into a conversation about hair. Turns out, I can cut my hair without looking like Marge Simpson.

I’ve been to my fair share of salons in the bi-state area (whatever, CT, you hanger-on) and I love the incredibly relaxed environment at Blackstones. There are only four or five stations, so it’s intimate without feeling overcrowded.

Oh right, about the decor – owner/barber Joey Silvestra is a former taxidermist, and the salon reflects this. Initially, I was a bit thrown off by the fox head staring at me in the mirror, but I got used to it. Now, they’re like old friends who get to see my haircuts before anyone else.

Speaking of haircuts, I would like to take this opportunity to declare my undying devotion to Lexi and her shears. Lexi was, and continues to be, a godsend to my hair, and ladies, I’m willing to share her with you. She gets curls and wants to talk about what your hair hopes are beyond – yeah, so, we’ll just take an inch off, yeah? Lexi talks about face shapes and styling tendencies. She cares as much about my hair as I do, and that’s why I will continue to entrust only her with my locks, even if it means the occasional 45 minute drive and braving the Lincoln Tunnel.

highly recommend Blackstones, and Lexi, in particular, to anyone in the NYC area. Girls with curls, let her be your savior.

And be sure to say hello to this guy on your way in.

Blackstones can be found at 19 East 7th Street (b/w the Bowery & 2nd Ave). To make an appointment (recommended), call 212.353.2680.

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