sandy’s sunday

Sunday, as you know, is a day for breakfast. Sure, I brunch on Saturdays, but that’s a sort of bacchanalian affair. It’s shoving pizza in our gobs, stealing toast off someone else’s plate, having two cappuccinos and wiping pasta plates clean with our fingers. But Sunday breakfast is for the soul. Cups of tea that hit every vein and smack the life back into you. Perfectly fried up eggs.

Thing is – I’m getting a bit tired of eggs. I find myself craving meat and the occasional surprise. This Sunday, I trekked (can I call it trekking if I was in a yellow cab? I think so) back down to the New Amsterdam Market for more breakfast tacos, maybe even a pizza, and what one Greek man dubbed “the best sun-dried tomatoes I’ve ever had”.

As one can expect on the eve of a massive storm, the lines were short at the market and some booths were deserted for the weekend. In between loading up my arms with chocolate croissants and olive bread, I did what any loyal instagrammer would do –

I took a photo of my hurricane-fashionable footwear.

And then I made a mess of myself with Sunday Gravy. Sorry friends, no photos of breakfast today.

Heading into Jersey before the worst of the storm, we stopped for dinner at a churrascaria. While I may have been preoccupied with whole chickens rotating around a fire pit, what caught my eye was this girl’s, ahem, choice of hurricane attire.

Now. I will be the first to admit to happily owning Ugg boots. I will also admit that, come winter, I wander around the house in pajama shorts and Uggs. Whatever. I don’t particularly enjoy wearing pants, and this does the job fine. BUT. Will I go out, in public, even if said public is Newark, wearing a denim miniskirt and Uggs? No. Never. No. Not at all. NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER.


Come on ladies, pull it together. Now is the time for colorful rainboots, not rain-averse shearling. I get wanting to celebrate shaved legs when it’s cold/windy and, most often, we can’t be bothered. This is just unacceptable.

Keep dry, East Coasters, and do try to keep safe. Indoors. With wine. And snacks. Lots of snacks. Tasty, tasty snacks.

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