necessary luxuries

Friends. My friends. I am a full-fledged flash sale shopper. I declare this like it’s a problem I keep secret, but it’s very common knowledge. The local UPS deliveryman supports me in my decisions.

I probably should have saved this find until Friday’s post, but I didn’t want to do you all the disservice of keeping it hush-hush in the event one of you has been hankering for this bad boy.

What am I talking about?

The 44 inch baguette board, naturellement.

Why the board must be so long, I don’t know – the Parisians, aka the sternly officiating gods of all things baguette, declare the loaf must be no longer than 70cm.  This is a piece for the discerning bread cutter, a tool for when your run of the mill bread board just can’t handle the job.

And the good news? This handmade delight can be yours for the reduced price of $59.90, plus taxes and shipping. What’s more – you can buy up to 10! Imagine the baguette party you will have!

The bad news? The baguette is not included. Which is okay, in this case, because that does not look like a particularly good one.

Hurry, mes amis! Time is running out!

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