happy friday!

When it comes to the potato chip market, Pringles chips have the distinct advantage of unique packaging. I’m not saying it always works out in their favor – Pringles have a habit of getting stuck in the tube and coming out in crumbs. The average human arm doesn’t fit inside said tube.

Keep in mind, I ate Pringles as frequently as the next kid during my childhood. Now, however, as more companies branch out towards baked chips, thicker cuts and wacky favors, the “fun that don’t stop” is being left by the wayside.

So, what’s a company to do? They might try marketing themselves through the ever popular Sex and the City 2. While suddenly everyone was talking about Pringles, the majority were outraged at SATC for their interactions with and portrayal of the Middle East – was anyone actually buying the things.


Okay, so that didn’t work quite so well. Sure, bad publicity can be arguably better than no publicity, but what’s the point of it all if the product isn’t selling? The Pringles’ team put their heads together and brainstormed for hours on end until (finally!) , this –


is what they come up with.

Let’s talk about this for a second, shall we? Isn’t that why we’ve gathered here today?

What the hell is this shit?

I’m all about instant gratification (call my Dad, he’ll confirm it), but when I want desserts or something sweet – I have desserts. I have a cookie. I have a piece of chocolate. Okay fine, I have more than a piece, whatever. Semantics. But! When I have chocolate, I have the real deal, not some bullshit white chocolate. Fake! Fraud! Away with you, you chocolate derivative. Cinnamon and sugar? Mmm, sounds tasty -on a cookie. In some cake. But on a potato chip?!

Apparently there’s a pumpkin spice flavor out there – how sorry am I to be missing it?

I can’t quite grasp the interview process one goes through when being hired for these food corporations. Aren’t crazies properly weeded out? And even then, if they somehow slip through the cracks, what looney tune signs off on these ridiculous ideas?

Y’all have a good weekend now – enjoy the sun while it’s out there and have some pizza for breakfast. It’s good for you.

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