happy friday!

With Thanksgiving behind us (and attached to our behinds), today marks the day when Christmas panic officially begins. There is no buffer between today and Christmas, and many of us start racking our brains for suitable gifts for our family and friends. There’s the mom gift, the brother gift, the best friend gift, and the gift for the five-year-old, who is inarguably the most critical of all.

But there’s someone else worth considering.

The small-eared.

I am very aware that, as humans, we are built differently. Given. So it comes as no surprise that some of us have smaller or larger ear canals than others. I recently bought a pair of in-ear Beats by Dr. Dre, and they come with enough earbuds for a small football team. But here’s what I didn’t know, and I thank Yurbuds (and Target) for enlightening me – it would appear that only women have small ear canals. Did y’all know this? No? To all my male friends with small ear canals, and those of you are not friends (but hey, I’m single… wanna be my friend?), you will have to wait for Yurbuds to produce small size earbuds which have been expressly designed for men.

Hopefully they come out before the Guaranteed-for-Christmas-Delivery deadlines.

Have a happy Friday, friends, and enjoy those leftovers.

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