sunday breakfast & notes from the road: petsi pies

When I was but a young’un, my dad drove myself and my younger brothers up to Boston to visit my mom. I must have been really young because I don’t really remember much of that trip. I remember there being awful traffic on the drive up. I also remember thinking I was in a foreign country because there is no way the bell hop just spoke to my dad in English.

Many years later, I went back up to Cambridge to attend my cousin’s graduation from MIT. Okay, so that’s an accent, not a foreign language. Got it.

Last weekend, I sprinted to a train (remember when I said I had a problem with punctuality? I wasn’t joking) that took me and my overpacked duffle to the brick buildings of Harvard. I spent the next few days there visiting my friend Isa (who once upon a time lived in Buenos Aires), walking around snowy Cambridge and drinking a friendly amount of gin and tonics.

Oh, and having Sunday breakfast, of course.

With the promise of an oyster lunch in a few hours and Isa tackling some Sunday errands, I struck out to find a good cappuccino. I was sent to Petsi Pies, a short walk from the apartment that promised coffee in return. Except. Well, except I got lost. I zigged when I should have zagged, which is to say, I took a left when I was meant to stroll right and instead of ending up near Harvard Square, I threw my hands up somewhere around The Miracle of Science, which, you can presume, is deep in MIT territory. This, I convinced myself, would make my time at Petsi Pies all the sweeter.

I parked myself at a tiny table for two in Petsi’s spacious main room, determined to keep a safe and creep-free distance from the two particularly handsome young men playing chess on the other side of the room. Petsi Pies is tucked into a quiet, residential corner of Cambridge, and is the sort of cafe you want to visit with at least two other friends in tow. Why? So one of you can have the banana-chocolate scone, the other the savory tart, and you can order an egg sandwich.

photo 1

But, since it was just little old me, I stuck with the Holy Smokes egg sandwich – eggs, bacon, cheese, roast pepper and a chipotle mayo on toasted brioche. I thought the brioche would prove to be too heavy, but au contraire, mes amis. This sandwich was tasty, and the roast peppers and chipotle mayo added such a great kick. I still would have preferred a croissant, but there’s that old adage about beggars being choosers.

photo 2

I wish I lacked the better judgement that told me a slice of pie was a bad idea, because the baked treats there looked so incredibly delicious. So many pies! Croissants! Muffins! Scones! The walls were decorated with re-purposed shower mats given second lives as purses.

photo 3While I can’t say my heart was aching to sling one of these over my arm, but I did find myself wishing for a fresh pressed juice. I think it’s a good thing, ultimately, that Petsi’s doesn’t try to spread itself too thin.

Petsi Pies has two locations – the original bakery in Somerville and the cafe on Putnam Ave in Cambridge. To find out more about their daily cafe specials, check them out on Twitter.

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