happy friday!

Oh hey there, Friday people, I’m here on this gloomy weekend introductory day to bring you a little sunshine and happiness and unicorn tears. While I may not actually possess that last one, what I do have are more goodies from SkyMall magazine.


Have you been harboring secret fantasies of reading War and Peace while looking like a trekkie? Hey you with those secret fantasies – are you also experiencing a bit of baldness? Fine mop top? Has SkyMall got the product for you! For the reasonable price of $695, the same as a mid-season economy class ticket to Europe, you can update your blog, listen to the sweet tunes of Alicia Keys and look like a bad Star Trek audition, all while getting “thicker, fuller looking hair in weeks – guaranteed!”


I can’t deny that I, too, caught royal fever last year during the Windsor nuptials. I mean, how stunning was Kate Middleton in that wedding gown? And while Willy boy may want to consider an investment in the iGrow Laser headpiece, he and his younger brother have an undeniable bit of British charm. So who is no one paying attention to? Any of the royals over the age of thirty-one, it would seem. SkyMall to the rescue! In a noble attempt to remind all of its loyal subscribers of Queen Elizabeth’s existence, SkyMall is offering each of us the opportunity to own a 6.5″ replica of QE2, complete with a solar powered royal wave. And if that’s not enough, you can purchase a scaled down solar-powered Elroy the corgi, who will happily nod his head, confirming yo have indeed made a wise purchase. This glorious duo cam be yours for the mere price of $36.90.

Taxes and shipping not included, but what’s a small percentage increase when all of this can be yours?

Have a happy Friday, friends.

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