reason no. 24 to love everlane

I never though the day would come but it’s true – I am a full fledged internet shopper. With the advent of flash sales, free next day delivery (hola, Zappos) and simple return policies, why not? And everything, I mean everything is availble out there. I remember looking for a collection of Disney cups Burger King had given out with their kids’ meals ages ago, back when I was a young’un fighting over who got the most fries on our shared tray. And there they were, all 8, in pristine condition and landing at my door just in time for Christmas.

There’s more to that story, but let’s move on.

However, there is a downside to online shopping. Unless you know your exact measurements or have shopped with a designer before, choosing your size before hitting “add to cart” is not unlike playing roulette. Sometimes you find yourself ordering the same blouse in 3 different sizes because you’re just not sure.

Not too long ago, I told you about a great company I recently started shopping with, Everlane. They exist soley online and sell their high-quality goods at prices reflecting a business model devoid of storefronts and middlemen. I love their goods, particularly the French terry sweatshirt, classic tshirts and scarves. They’re so incredibly soft, but with designs so simple, I can dress the pieces up or wear them casually, pending the day of the week and the way my hair blows in the wind.

And now to the good news segment of this post – Everlane is hosting a NYC pop-up shop, or, as they call it, a Workshop, part of their Not-A-Shop series. Everlane threw open their temporary doors with love on November 30 and will be shuttering said portals on December 16. In keeping with their name, Everlane has been hosting weekly workshops – bourbon and ties, belt-making, and this week will see the last installment of fun evenings.


I stopped into the Workshop last Saturday, not entirely sure what to expect. I walked out of the Workshop all too pleased with my cashmere sweater with elbow patches and white oxford heading my way. I’m a simple girl really. But here’s the thing – had I not gone to the Workshop, I wouldn’t have known how well those men’s oxfords fit a female figure, or that the insanely well-priced Mongolian cashmere sweater with a v-neck were another offering my closet wanted. I handed my cashmere sweater over to the wonderful folks at the shop, picked out Italian suede patches and left my purchases in the care of a woman whose sole task seemed to be stitching these patches. Yes, I shopped the men’s department and I’m inclined to do so again when I head back this weekend to pick up said sweater.

With the exception of special holiday cashemere sweaters (with patches) you won’t be able to walk out of the shop with your new purchases (at least, I don’t think so), but Everlane will have them in your mailbox within a week. If you’re feeling inclined to restock your closet with some great basics, venture on down to the Meatpacking District and check out their Workshop. It won’t disappoint.

And when all is said and done, treat yourself to a fishbowl at the Standard Grill. It’s what I’d do, anyway.

The Workshop is located at 74 Gansevoort and will be operational through Sunday, December 16. Hours are Wed-Fri 6-9pm and Sat-Sun 11-9pm. If you miss the Workshop, consider shopping Everlane’s website.

Psst! If you do decide to create an account and start shopping, I’d love you forever and like you for always if you proceeded through this referral link. Then again, I’m pretty sure I’d like you forever and love you for always even if you didn’t.

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