Oh hello there friends. It’s been a while.

This being the second year of my blog’s existence, I feel like I have come to the point where I can notice trends. I’ve studied engineering and mathematics and this spring, when I study economics (for real this time, I’m serious), I will be able to label such trends in an authoritative manner. But, for the meantime, you’ll just have to play along.

Every year, come the holidays, I lose track of “things”. It seems almost inevitable. There are so many holiday parties, dinners out, dinners made and dishes washed. Shops are scoured, lists are drawn up, lost, and drawn up yet again. Holiday traffic is sat in and tourists are angrily cursed as you try to pretend New Yorkers really are nice, truly. If you’re like me, you decide that now is the perfect time to start reading four different books on four completely different tracks, and really, when isn’t it?

I realize, in the grand scheme of things, an apology for a month-long disappearing act isn’t truly necessary, but the fact is this blog holds me accountable, in its way. I have to write, I should be writing and honestly, so should you. All of you. The way I see it, we all have a voice or a story to tell and unless we want to be that constant blabbermouth at the table (a comment generally, okay, mostly self-directed), some stories are better left to be written. So says I, anyway.

So it’s 2013 and readers, I’d like to get more organized. Admittedly, these plans haven’t extended as far as this blog, but I’ll get on that. Soon. I promise. In the meantime, I do resolve to

  1. open my mail in a more timely manner. Paper-free banking for all! Look, I can’t help that I have little-to-no interest in opening bank statements that will only reaffirm how much money I spend on a monthly basis.
  2. pay my bills on time. Okay, it’s not as bad as I make it sound, I just have this thing with deadlines. I know they’re there. They know they’re there. And then, come 12:02am, palm meets forehead and I have to put on my best Marcia Brady airs and call customer services…again.
  3. figure out my health insurance. There’s a lot be said for health insurance in the US and none of it something I’m interested in discussing beyond this: why is it so damn complicated?! Most people don’t see the doctor because of the poking and prodding. I hate the sorting of the bills to follow. On that note, I really need to see my dentist. And optometrist.
  4. finish books. This is may seem small potatoes, but in reality, it’s big time. Man oh man oh man do I love books. LOVE. There are so many things and people I want to learn about and bring up in casual conversation to draw attention to just how clever I truly am. So I buy books. Then I start one, find another that is equally interesting and immediately dive into a new book before finishing the first. It’s an awful habit, and to make matters worse, I don’t have nearly enough bookmarks. Reader, looking at my bookshelf now, there are 8 books within easy eyesight I have started and not yet finished. On my iPad, there are 4: How to Be a Woman (Caitlin Moran – hysterical), Living History (Hilary Rodham Clinton), No Easy Day (Mark Owen), and, ahem, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Seth Grahame-Smith). Take it easy there, Judgeypants.
  5. use the ellipticalDad, this one’s for you. How many of you enlisted your father and/or brother to help build an elliptical in the family room during the scant daylight hours in the middle of the great Sandy-induced power outage, swearing left, right and center that you would be using it every single day? Just me then?
  6. love myself more. Oh, did I get a little personal? Sure did. Cliches exist for a reason – a lot of people are standing in the same room where one person just said exactly what everyone else is thinking and they all gave a mighty fist pump a la Bender in The Breakfast Club. My Instagram feed is clogged, daily, with users who like pictures of kittens, Justin Bieber, sunsets, Harajuku girls, and quotes about the importance of self worth. With pictures of sunsets in the background, of course. There is enough debate and cultural discussion on the topic of self confidence in women without me throwing my two cents into any official ring, but it’s as simple as this – I need to love myself more. Whether it  means not ordering extra cheese, humoring the creep at the bar just to be polite, or speaking up when shy, it boils down to one point – I matter. And sometimes, I think, having a blog is the most surefire way to remember this.
  7. learn economics. I mean it this time.
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3 Responses to 2013

  1. Ed says:

    You are a wonderful thinker AND writer.
    We have the first four of your items in common, along with many of my friends, so don’t be too hard on yourself. I always enjoy your blog, and this wasn’t even about food! Please keep it going.
    P.S. I hope that I wasn’t “the creep at the bar”.

    • kitchensinkwriter says:

      Thanks so much, Ed – your encouragement is always appreciated. I definitely will keep writing!
      P.S. – No, meeting you and your friend was an absolute highlight of 2012. Have you been back to DBGB since? We had the fried eggs as a dinner starter last night – AMAZING!

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