forty minute dance party

Music is an amazing thing. It has a way of communicating directly with its listeners, whether it says, You are now indulging in a guilty pleasure or You must be feeling like a total badass or Let’s cry together or, and this is my personal favorite, Get off your ass and dance!

And that’s exactly what I did last night, mes cheries. I had a Get off your ass and dance! party, occupants, YO. Just me, with my headphones and obnoxiously bright shorts bopping around the family room like a fool. Except, I’d like to think Mr. T wouldn’t pity me – he’d be proud.

I’ve been using Songza lately to discover new music and while it occasionally throws out a tune I have no interest in, I like the app’s concept and it really nailed last night’s mood.

Here are the highlights for your listening pleasure (aka – click the pic for a jump to some old school YouTube jams) –


This was how the night’s festivities kicked off. This was how I knew I was in for a good forty minutes of jumping around. This was how I knew it’s time for a new sports bra.


I know I’ve heard this before, but regardless – this is a song that warrants a lot of hip thrusting. Go on, get up. Hand gestures required. Just be aware of how loud your gutteral “UHS” come out – mine brought a motherly figure (sometimes known as my mother) running to make sure I hadn’t killed myself. (This photo doesn’t link to what Songza gave me exactly, but the classic version of Edwin Starr’s hit is phenomenal without being remixed)


Hey, this song may not be for everyone and their mothers, fathers, dogs (because you’re all crazy, I take it), but I cannot get enough. I want to learn all the dance moves. I really want Songza to play it again today. And I want to know how many codpieces Larry Blackmon owns and in what other colors.

Have a rockin’ Tuesday, friends. Get up and dance a little.

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