sunday breakfast

In the words of the 1996 lyricst, DJ Kool – let me clear my throat.

Hey friends, how’s it going? Been a while, yeah I know. You know how it goes – life gets in the way, curveballs get thrown and there is a struggle to evaluate, reorganize and continue on. I think it’s fair to say this happens to just about everyone. As a writer, it’s particularly easy to lose focus and become lazy. I think about all the things I’d like to write about and share, but then, in line with the whole ‘becoming lazy’ thing, I just put it off for another day. As it is with blogging, ideas felled at the hands of procrastiantion often become dated and irrelevant. Or they feel that way.

Another issue I often struggle with is finding the balance of what to share and what to keep private. I imagine every blogger goes through the same battle. Not so much a matter of privacy, but more on the lines of relevance. Do you care about my heartbreaks, my latest obsessions, what I’m reading and watch shows I just can’t turn off? The last thing I want to be is another person with access to the internet, a keyboard and a diluted understanding of what people find interesting. Work in progress, friends – work in progress.

So let’s keep rolling, shall we?

We’re nearly four months into the new year, a third of the way through 2013 and I’d like throw in this humble brag – I’m doing alright by my resolutions. I sort through my mail in a timely manner, and avoid any situation that might involve my health insurance (that’s the same as figuring it out, right?). I finished How to Be a Woman, which was hysterical and something every woman really ought to read. I’m nearly finished with Grace, an intimate view into the world of fashion as told (and occasionally illustrated) by the striking Grace Coddington. For laughs, I devour Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, a memoir I don’t believe I’ve even scratched the surface of, but one that’s had me saying, “Okay, okay, just until the end of this chapter” three times a night. At minimum.

But onto the meatier stuff – While I haven’t exactly entered into a long-term relationship with my elliptical, I recently took up Soul Cycle. When I say “took up”, I mostly mean I’ve become addicted. I go as often as I can. I wake up early on my days off. I forfeit my blow-out budget for an extra class and honestly, how could I possibly justify a trip to Drybar when a Soul Cycle ride will have me looking like Simba after a swim in Lake Hakuna Matata? I can’t remember the last time I was so excited to work out. Moreover, I can’t remember when an exercise routine has had me so carefully watching what I eat, not because I want to diet, but because I want to make the most of every 45 minute sesssion. Did I make the unbelievably wise decision to have lobster risotto at the Penninsula Hotel three hours before class last Saturday? Well, let’s just call that a lesson learned. I certainly hope it is, anyway.

Last Sunday was St. Patrick’s Day, a day most often spent wearing green, drinking and celebrating a culture the majority of us know nothing about. I have no right to condemn the holiday, as I relish any opportunity to occupy a barstool at one of my favorite local Irish bars, drinking Smithwicks or Jameson & Gingers for as long as I like. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, though, it’s an overcrowded bar where people drink like they’ve never seen or may never see beer again. So instead of playing “who can throw a sharper elbow” on Sunday afternoon, I decided to participate in Soul Cycle’s annual St. Patrick’s Day ride. To get myself in the spirit, I wore a green t-shirt.

Then I went home and had a green breakfast.


By now it should come as no surprise how much I love avocado on toast. Love love love. As a person who likes her food with a bit of added heat, I covered my toast with ground cayenne. Who doesn’t like a kick in the mouth at breakfast?


For some extra protein, and just because it’s oh-so-tasty, I smashed up my soft boiled eggs and spread it out on top of my avocado toast. Divine. The Wren on the Bowery offers a brunch dish similar to this, with smashed avocado on toast with two soft boiled eggs in a mason jar. Add a layer of crisp, thick-cut bacon to the combination because hey – bacon is love, especially on weekends.

And in case you’re wondering, I think I’m finally figuring out economics. Third time’s a charm.

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