goat cheese & herbs

By now, no one should be surprised to hear about how much I like cheese.

I really like cheese. Like, BIG love cheese. Like, never have I ever said, Oh no, this doesn’t need any cheese, thank you. If I should ever utter those words, don’t even bother taking my temperature because it’s time to start re-evaluating your thoughts on body snatchers.

Thankfully, I’ve been born into a circle of cheese lovers and have thus been surrounded by a wide variety of pretty kick ass cheeses for as long as I can remember. We value the pre-dinner cheese plate. We love the second breakfast cheese sampler. And everyone seems to love when I come back from the cheese stall at All Good Things, with the minor exception of my wallet.  Stop being such a negative nelly, wallet.

A few weeks ago, Paula started raving about this amazing cheese she had found in Whole Foods. Now, it should be noted that Paula doesn’t normally get as excited about cheese as I do, so this was pretty major, y’all. She had discovered a tub of sheep’s milk feta swimming in olive oil and herbs. I love a good sheep’s milk feta, having first devoured it in a simple pasta in Ireland nearly 4 years ago – it has such a gorgeously creamy texture that just squished into the pasta shells and created a perfect tang wiith the tomatoes and capers.

Sorry, I’m going to need a minute.

My mother, meanwhile, loved this herbalicious feta so much, she tasked me with recreating it using a goat cheese. I was a bit impartial about goat cheese until a trip to Barcelona found me happily eating so many warm goat cheese salads, I can now barely hide the glee on my face when spreading Mahon on a warm piece of toast. Challenge accepted, Mom.

You will need:


Of course, you don’t need to limit yourself to dry oregano and thyme. Go wild! Go crazy! Goat Cheese Gone Wild! I chose to keep our goat cheese simple, but it’s absolutely your perogative what you stick in your jar. (thatswhatshesaid) But please, do yourself a favor and be sure to use a high quality extra virgin olive oil. It tastest so. much. better. Don’t mess around with the cheap shit, because you’ll smack yourself for it later. Fill up your jar or cheese receptacle with your seasonings and cheese and then add enough olive oil to cover all the goodies by 1/4″.


When all is said and done, this is what you’ll be left with – a tasty treat to sneak from the fridge, something to contribute to a summer picnic and a lovely little add-on to any salad. And, if you’re anything like me, when all the cheese is gone from the jar, you’ll pour out the olive oil and chase it around with all the bread crusts you can find.

PS: This illustration (if you want to call it that) was created using Paper, an iPad app I am absolutely in love with, even though I am still figuring it out. You should see what people vastly more talented than myself have created. Insane.

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