The Whittemore House

We (and by we, naturally this means I) interrupt this program to bring very biased and unsolicited praise –

My auntie’s best friend has made it to the cover page of the New York Times Fashion & Style section!

Not only is Victoria Hunter one of the most beautiful souls you could ever hope to meet, she is also co-owner at The Whittemore House and hair painter extraordinaire. The praise for her work is well-deserved, and she has worked with clients ranging from my mother to Norma Kamali. I love visiting her salon, it smells amazing and really does feel like home. And for those of you who, like me, find salon shampoos hard on the neck, allow me to introduce you to the words that will change your life – extra large, reclining, leather chairs.

The Whittemore House can be found on 45 Grove Street b/w Bleecker and Bedford. For the full story, as printed in the NYT, click here. Or, you can buy the real deal and stop by the salon and ask her to autograph it. I’m sure Victoria would get a kick out of that.


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